The Truth About Resumes

The Truth About Resumes

There are a lot of resume writers on the Internet who claim to be the best resume service. Many of them are good quality services, and many of them are not the quality they claim to be.

How do you sort them out?

Here are a few tips:

One idea is that quality matches price. Sometimes that is true, but not always.

*Some cheap resumes (like mine) are very good, and some expensive resumes are not any better or could be worse.

Don’t make your decision on who writes your resume by how good the website appears.

*A good looking website was probably designed by a professional website designer, and not the person who will be writing your resume.

No telephone time with the writer is a sure sign of a “resume mill”.

*No matter how good the writers are, they cannot produce a resume that will get the most interviews by writing it in one hour or less, which is all the time a “mill” will usually allow them.

*You will also not know who is writing your resume, and without a phone conversation, it is much more difficult to communicate with the writer when you are only allowed to use email. Using both the phone and email is the best way to communicate.

And an expensive resume is warranted only if you are a mid to upper-level executive.

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